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    If anyone can explain or help me with this problem I would be thankful.

    I run a business where email and internet communication is a must. Immediate responses and information pertaining to jobs and designs.

    Ive had a BB Curve since October, Never had a problem with internet email. In January the "NEW ATT" had a pop up every time I signed on, continously.... I didnt want to change, well After 3 weeks of that crap I updated to the Cell phone / att service. Well its not posted but it GOES TO YAHOO now!

    So ATT is now supported with YAHOO. If I wanted YAHOO I would have a YAHOO ACCOUNT~!

    I get an Error 5 and through several off yahoo...

    "THE NEW ATT" sent me to a fee based site... I was like are you crazy Im not paying for your software issues!

    If anyone knows of the problem or the conflict between Att.Yahoo and Blackberry/cellularsouth please shed some light!

    Thanks again

    05-06-09 03:02 PM
  2. sniffs's Avatar
    I'm completely lost.. are you referring to BIS? Blackberry Internet Service?

    I assume you aren't connecting to a Blackberry Enterprise Server, so it has to be BIS.

    What's the "NEW ATT" ? Is it an icon? a website you visit on the blackberry?

    help me help you..
    05-06-09 03:08 PM
  3. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    are you talking about yahoo being your opening page when you open the browser? sorry, i didn't quite understand that.
    05-06-09 03:42 PM
  4. noaim's Avatar
    I think hes talking about the default page in browser which can be set in options of the browser on the device
    05-06-09 04:01 PM
  5. BOHUNTER's Avatar

    I few months ago I was prompted by AT&T to UPDATE! After 3 weeks of the prompt, I picked the update for cell phone interent bla bla bla.

    Well My normalpage of webmail.bellsouth.net

    went to att.my.yahoo.com/

    And there AINT NO WAY AROUND IT to check my mail from my CPU.

    I can not access just my email, now I have all this CRAP to look at each time I want email and then it gives me an ERROR 5 message from YAHOO.

    So I called ATT and they said it is an interference with the internet and my blackberry ...I cant remember the dang word... Oh well how it reads and dispurses the message.

    After 2 days and over 2 hours on the phone and several emails from YAHOO they all say the same thing... TOUGH SH(*@#$


    So Im asking if anyone out there in Blackberry land has had this problem with ATT and BLACKBERRY internet.

    BEFORE I updated it was happy go merry all day long, after the update it has been AW SH9*^* nOt again.....

    Good thing was they sent me to a FEE based operator so we could straighten it out! LOL NOT~!

    Thats the best description I can give you all. It conflicts they said, ATT that is. My cell will get emails but it may be 10 at a time back to back, and my CPU will say ERROR 5 We are sorry for this TEMPORARY problem, it will be resolved soon!

    Well its been a long time and It aint fixed yet!


    Ive had 3 service carriers in my life, ATT, NEXTEL and CellularSouth...... I can tell you my 12 years with ATT was the best, Nextel was DEAD all over and Cellsouth sucks out the apple! What do ya do! I aint moving to the city! I guess Ill use smoke signals!

    05-06-09 10:35 PM
  6. ninja please's Avatar
    umm... get a different messaging program with yahoo on it.
    05-07-09 05:15 AM
  7. cabinetman's Avatar
    I had the same problem my e-mail is thru att but phone thru verizon. I called verizon and they made changes to something deleted the service books and no more problem. Att still takes to long to get e-mail so I just joined in with most of th people here and got a g-mail account now instant send and receive.

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    05-07-09 07:41 AM
  8. BOHUNTER's Avatar
    How can I use another email service that I can open my BELLSOUTH account and read and send from it yet IM in another email provider?

    Does that sound right? I have so many contacts through my work and I cant afford to change emailing addresses.

    I went to Outlook and was able to sign in under my Bellsouth account but it only showed a partial amount of emails I have. That Aint good.

    Ill check with Cellular South And see if they have conflicts.

    Appreciate the help


    In Pensacola area Florida
    05-07-09 12:32 PM