1. richcnj's Avatar
    I have the latest version of software 1.5.1. When I search a business name the the status bar slows to a crawl and never completes the search. Minutes later I return to the Blackberry 8820 and the search is usually 99% complete with no results. Frozen. Other aspects of the Navigator seem to work fine. But often I can not search. Looking up an street address from my address book usually has the same results. Search slows to a stop at 99% complete. Any suggestions? Searches on the Garmin software are quick. I am still in the 30 day trial period for ATT Nav and Garmin on my Blackberry. Although I generally like the ATT version better the the slow searches may be the reason I select Garmin. Is there a way to fix this issue?
    05-26-08 06:20 AM