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    Ok he may not be an olympian which i know is the currently on the agenda, but i managed to snap this pic of recently retired Ulster and Ireland international rugby star David Humphreys using his curve.

    David retired from professional rugby at the start of the summer after a long career which has seen him win the both the domestic league and european championship with Ulster, he has been the all time leading point scorer for Ireland right up to his retirement from International rugby a couple of years ago, and is still top point scorer for Ulster, having just finished his final season.

    This photo was taken last night at an Ulster rugby pre season get together, I know the majority of users on this forum probably don't follow rugby and therefore wont know who he is, but David is a personal hero of mine so i think its only right to post this pic.
    08-13-08 08:26 AM
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    Nice man... this one was in the Blogs : Beijing 2008: David Oliver is a BlackBerry User! | CrackBerry.com

    ^^ Olympic Athlete ^^
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