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    I have had two claims for my phones in the last twelve months (1st one was while I was sandbagging the flooded Red River in Fargo, ND last March 28th and my 2nd was 10 days ago when my Tour screen hit a edge of a refridgerator and destroyed the screen)

    I get a letter in the mail yesterday from Asurion saying that since I have had two claims in twelve months they can not insure me. My window for not hitting the 12 months was less than 10 days and the Asurion manager won't call me back. I begged them as a small business owner that I have to have coverage just because of what I do (disaster restoration) and the window was less than ten days to being 12 months but to no avail.

    Is there secondary coverage for Blackberry buy a different company or will VZW cover me? Thanks,

    P.S. I understand rules but they are always bendable but Asurion just won't do it.
    03-30-10 08:42 AM
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    Just put it on your policy with other business assets. That's what we do here - our phones are covered "all risks" alongside notebook computers, electronic service tools, and other junk we routinely take out of the office with us to visit client sites.
    03-30-10 09:34 AM
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    Asurion should be 3 claims in 12 months valued up to 1000$
    03-30-10 10:02 AM
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    Not on Verizon it isn't.
    03-30-10 11:23 AM
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    they have the right to do that. They don't bend their policies. My suggestion would be to have a back up device for this very reason. sorry
    03-30-10 12:04 PM
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    Ausurion "policy" is dead set on a 12 month window and nothing less. I do back up all my info on a bi weekly basis and my business insurance does not cover "Smartphone devices". My homeowners policy does not have a rider policy either for smartphones. I guess I am out of luck unless anyone has any other ideas!
    03-30-10 12:28 PM
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    Here's what i did. i had the same thing happen and i used it as an excuse for an early upgrade. VZW was the one that suggested it. the guy said we could do a early upgrade 1 month early if you like? i said sure. no harm no fowl> cheaper then buying a new one. as a business owner myself it a write off. AHHHHHHH those write offs.
    03-30-10 01:40 PM
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    good call! I'll give vzw a call today. found out today that my homeowners can write a seperate rider policy for $10 per year with a $250 deductible on my BB Tour
    03-30-10 03:04 PM
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    good call! I'll give vzw a call today. found out today that my homeowners can write a seperate rider policy for $10 per year with a $250 deductible on my BB Tour
    $250 deductable? You can get them cheaper than that on eBay/Craigslist. And the Tour will drop in price a little with the Bold 9650 is released.

    Just a thought.
    03-30-10 03:50 PM
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    I agree.. Go to the Verizon store and try to get an early upgrade.. I've done it myself..
    03-30-10 04:27 PM
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    Just thinking things through from a different angle, perhaps you should consider a tough case for your bb like an otterbox? Being able to perhaps protect the bb from a claim or two might save you getting into the same situation again?

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    03-30-10 05:55 PM
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    thanks for all the great advice people. A couple of things that I didn't mention which I probably should have is that I did get my second replacement phone from Asurion. They just sent me a letter stating that since I have had two claims within a twelve month period they can no longer insure me until another 12 month are up.

    Secondly, since I am so hard on these things I bought the "Defender" case from Otterbox for my first one (which ended up in the Red River) and has saved my current broken phone from being banged up many times. My second claim happened b/c I ended up catching a corner of a refridgerator as I was moving it and the edge hit the screen causing what I would consider a spike in the lcd display causing all these lines and a multitude of colors to show therefore you couldn't see the actual main screen images at all. The protective screen on the Otterbox only shows a minor dent in its protective covering but the screen on the phone died so I had to call it in.

    All in all I have a backup BB Pearl I can use it this Tour goes bye bye in six months or so then I guess I'll just wait another six months until I can get coverage again.
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    03-30-10 09:55 PM
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    didnt I read somewhere that starting on april 1, verizon was going to offer refurbished phones for purchase at a discount just for instances like this?
    03-31-10 08:22 AM
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    it sounds like you keep your phone on your belt? I would start keeping in my pocket. Just seems safer.

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    03-31-10 08:33 AM
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    03-31-10 05:00 PM