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    Can anyone confirm my suspicions below? (from a little experiment)

    I'm spending time investigating this because the "support" technicians of the carriers AND Backberry themselves, after hours & hours of discussion, could never give me a clear answer. My hope is that I can save those of you who have come to rely on the GPS of your BB some very, very aggravating hours of trouble shooting.

    1. I think the 8800 GPS circuit doesn't rely on the cellular connection - it communicates exclusively with the GPS satellites like a dedicated GPS - as you would assume from the marketing and sales literature.

    Experiment: I downloaded map data over the data connection, then turned-off the radio, and Telenav still tracked my location (although it was a pain to "see around" the dialog box that reminds be I lost my connection to the server)

    2. I think the 8830 (no matter who your carrier is) relies on CDMA Assisted GPS - in other words, use of only CDMA cell towers (and your data connection).
    Experiment: I took it to an area where there are only GSM services (Europe) and the built-in GPS was useless - you'll need to carry a GPS puck.

    Conclusion: if you own a dual mode (CDMA / GSM) backberry device, plan on the GPS going "dead" once you're away from CDMA towers.
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    07-29-08 03:35 PM
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    Is it something like the google Earth.

    Does it realy working on the hall planet? Or there are some blach holes?
    07-29-08 04:03 PM
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    yeah tottaly . my 9530 gps also wont work on gsm mode since its have dual mode cdma and gsm. i havent try to switch mode to cdma till now.
    03-19-12 10:20 PM