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    So for a long time now, I have old artwork on my songs even though I have changed the artwork tags on EACH of them.

    I already established its not a problem with my iTunes, the individual songs, or the tag itself. So I thought it would be my phone. Restarted firmware and tried new ones many times.

    So i've come to the conclusion that is it the Desktop Manager that keeps syncing the WRONG/OLD artwork to my songs, and i always have to keep deleting the 'folder.jpg' in my blackberry for each album to get the accurate song.

    For example, I had a song with an old artwork, I changed the artwork. I sync into my BB via desktop mananger- its STILL the old artwork no matter what I do. I have tried the refresh iTunes option on DM but it still doesn't refresh to the new one I have. This happens with ALL the songs Ive changed artwork to.

    Its so annoying does anyone know how to fix it?
    12-09-11 02:06 AM