1. Alivemau5's Avatar
    Hey, before you read this it's about 2 BBs so I had no idea where to put it... Hope this is OK.

    Yesterday I posted some threads about getting a Pearl on a UK PAYG network, my plan is to sell my PS3 and some games and I was going to buy the 8120 from Orange.

    But, at CeX (Computer Exchange, store in the UK) they have a Pearl Flip on Orange for 180, and I get 176 + 6 for just my PS3 and 1 game. Another thing making me unsure is that it's a Grade B. But I'm guessing it shouldn't be too bad.

    I already have an Orange SIM as I used to be with Orange and I've read that all you need to do is put in any SIM, ring up Orange and request for BIS.
    05-28-09 04:34 AM
  2. tpierce67's Avatar
    OK. maybe I'm missing something. What do you need help with? You are correct with the SIM card.
    05-28-09 09:25 AM