04-03-09 05:13 AM
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  1. elvin1983's Avatar
    I have weathereye, a custom theme, Iheart radio, accu weather, and app world and I'm at 50mb....
    I have a custom theme as well, accuweather, docs to go, and app world, and I usually sit between 45 and 49mb. I just played around with app world for a couple minutes, and I didn't notice a big memory drop, but I did notice that it gets slightly slower after a little use... the app not the phone...
    04-02-09 10:11 AM
  2. berryfit's Avatar
    So are we giving out awards for Best Quotes of the Day now??

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    Uh, no, "WE" aren't, obviously "I" was. ha!
    04-02-09 10:38 AM
  3. thearmybouncer's Avatar
    I haven't seen any memory leaks or any slowing down, guess I am one of the lucky ones.
    04-02-09 10:40 AM
  4. Bajanbastard's Avatar
    The 8330 has 96mb
    Oh that solves it. Thanks
    04-02-09 10:52 AM
  5. Xopher's Avatar
    I noticed that the app takes up about 3MB while running. With the install taking up over 500K by itself, and with several people already starting to download omre apps, it's easy to see how quickly people may run out of memory.

    So far, I installed App World, downloaded Sazam, and deleted App World. I'll install it again if I feel the need to get something else.
    04-02-09 11:09 AM
  6. roeod4's Avatar
    Yep, I noticed that I have been hour glassing a little bit lately. That is something my Curve has not done in a long long time so I kicked the app world to the curb. Oh, it begged me to stay, but I told it no. I then let it slip that I was installing the crackberry app store on the side and it got really mad. Then we started a whole new fight. App world was throwing hour glasses and download bars at me left and right. Then out of nowhere, App world called the app store a **** and threatened her (App store was back in the programs folder taking a shower). I told App world to get out and stay out until she was at least 1.5, but preferably 2.0 and could act like it. She then tried to take Shazam (our only child) with her, but I got a RIM court order that will let me keep the kid.

    Man, removing apps can be messy.
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    04-02-09 01:24 PM
  7. Go Blue's Avatar
    My 8330 went from 29mb free to 14mb free after installing AppWorld. I also noticed more hourglass time as well.

    Just uninstalled it and went back to 29mb free.

    Nice idea, but no way I wanna give up 15mb for an app I really don't need, especially when there are memory-free alternatives online.

    Now, if I put this on the Pearl which only has 10mb free to start with .......... let's just skip that exercize !
    04-02-09 03:47 PM
  8. DJQuillin's Avatar
    yep i deleted it off my phone way too slow
    04-02-09 04:22 PM
  9. zhelf's Avatar
    it is too bad you cannot view the apps from your pc then just install appworld grab your apps the delete or download on pc and use DM
    04-02-09 04:57 PM
  10. jonlong724's Avatar
    I am new to blackberry, is it the system memory that it is taking up? Or is it the storage memory that it is taking up, like harddrive space? If it's system memory, why doesn't it relinquish the used memory when you close the app world app?
    04-02-09 05:29 PM
  11. Rob Tuli's Avatar
    I believe it's more system memory as it bounces back w/ a battery pull. I just downloaded myself today and hadn't had much time to play with it yet but in the short time I did I saw some memory loss but not bad. We'll see what happens as I spend more time tomorrow...
    04-02-09 08:56 PM
  12. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    Before uninstalling it, try a battery pull.

    Appworld or something I dnld from it slowed my browser to old school dial up speed. Pulled the battery and voila, I was smiling again.

    Probably more than half of the things I've dnld have required a batt pull to set things right.

    I really think in all future o/s's they should automatically reboot the device or at least prompt you to whenever something is dnld. It would solve a lot of problems.
    04-03-09 05:13 AM
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