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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the BB world as i never had an BB phone so far (which might change with the release of BB10 phones ). Now i bought a PB and I rly like it. Sadly there are some issues that rly lower the fun:

    As I'm currently studying abroad and living on the campus, the WiFi here is an open WiFi. When u start ur browser u should normaly get redirected to the login-page. It seems however, that the playbook doesnt like the service and there's no way i can connect to the WiFi.
    Mmh ok, not perfect but no big issue, as i can use tithering to get me connected to the internet.
    Next problem: App World isn't working when tithering :-( well ok i thought, there is still the online version of the app world i can access with my laptop, right? So i went to the website and tryed to download an app.
    After signing in, a window showed up, telling me to get a browser add on, and afterwards connect my BB device to my computer. That's what I did, but nothing seemd to be working and i cant finish the "sign in"-process, as the PB is not detected by the web installer.

    So i tryed google and found this:
    Step 2 of the BlackBerry App World setup process instructs to connect a BlackBerry smartphone. Currently, a BlackBerry PlayBook is not compatible with the web setup process so an active BlackBerry smartphone will be required to complete this.
    I searched the forums here and found out, that this issue exists as long as PB is out there... but why???

    so to sum things up:
    Trying to get access to app world; my possible connections:
    -> open WiFi with browser login -> not working on PB
    -> Tithering -> app world not working
    -> access app World from laptop -> not working as a BB Phone is needed to proceed

    Any suggestions on how i could be able to access the app world? I would be rly glad if someone could help me.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards
    04-19-12 03:18 AM