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    This is a bit of a rant, and I know there have been various threads on this already, but I think im making a valid point here which STILL has not been addressed by RIM.

    As things stand, being based in the UK, any app that I purchase from App World is priced the same amount in as it is in $ (e.g Angry Birds for Playbook = $4.99/4.99).

    This is clearly not right! The current exchange rate is around $1.58 for every 1 which should make Angry Birds around 3.15 or thereabouts.

    According to BerryReview, this was supposed to be sorted back in December:

    App World Changing Prices To Reflect Exchange Rates - Conversion Chart - BerryReview

    Its now February and UK App World prices are still priced the same as in the US! If RIM wants to compete with Apple & Android, it really needs to address this soon. Both IOS & Android manage to convert currencies correctly on their app stores (e.g. Angry Birds HD For IPad = $4.99/2.99), so why do RIM find this so difficult?! Nearly everyone I know with a Blackberry or Playbook has refused to pay for some of the higher priced apps due to this issue, and im finding it difficult to accept that I need to pay a markup of over 30% on every app, because RIM cant find a way to convert the currency properly.

    I havent found any easy way to contact RIM about this. Maybe this is something Kevin can take up with RIM on behalf of the Crackberry Nation outside the US?! Heres hoping..
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    02-08-12 01:51 PM