1. kship's Avatar
    Hi I am having the App world issues with my 9550, JAVA error. (I won't rant what BS this is) but I need to get Bridge on the 9550 for the Playbook.

    Is there another way to get this software on my devise. I tried d-loading it through the computer but kept getting errors, it did not work. Tried to access it through the phone, nope. I have tried putting on an older version of the App world on the phone and still it gives me the JAVA error. At this point in time (travelling) I cannot re-load the OS.

    Any help would be appreciated (links, tips). I keep holding off upgrading and will not let RIMs games (no user support on anything after 1.5 years) push me into getting a new BB until the new stuff is out mid year...

    Thanks Happy New Year.
    12-31-11 04:51 PM