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  • They should always support the OS's market of choice!

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  • Its your own damn fault for not searching for your own solutions!

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  1. Venichie's Avatar
    So let me start off by saying, I was feeling the need for another turn from a game called (Sid Meier's) Civilization. Although I can find no good alternatives for none of my BB devices, and thought I'd do some hopeless searching through its website, or atleast fill my urge by browsing there on my Playbook.
    Anyways, while searching I find that there's a version of Civilization V, for selected feature phones?! I assumed Android right away, but I check App World... nothing. Then I thought to check AT&T App Center, and what do you know... it was there!?! All this time a game I enjoyed was supported for my device, but I never knew because it didn't support App World!

    I was just curious to what others thought about this? I'm rather annoyed that I have to go searching out of App World for apps such as: Kindle, Google Maps, Civilization V, etc... It really could give App World a higher app selection, and make it easier for us to find a wider selection of supported apps. It almost seems unfair for BB and us...
    P.S. The game runs fine on my device, and looks decent. Although of course my device doesn't support 3D, so yeah.
    12-18-11 07:36 AM