07-10-14 01:49 PM
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    i installed a program called Applock, provider: AppsForBB.com .. it installs a program called Blackberry app advisor, without any warning or options to remove it constantly shows promotions/publicity in the messages application.. so i deleted it the application and the problem is gone

    i'm very dissapointed since y paid for this app. wich looks good..but is not!!! that advisor app can't be disabled to stop receiving ADS.. and will discharge the battery faster than normal.

    to find out this i installed ottafone inc. task manager (trial), first open one of the advisor messages from the messages application, now switch to the task manager.. select the advisor from the list.. now right click to menu and select view details clearly tells me this app. belongs to appsforbb and the responsible is applock..now you got it ;-) remove it and restart. and no more ads!

    others or all app from appsforbb might content this advisor crap/ads advertiser.. so be careful and don't buy from them.. i dont' recomend to anyone to risk your data/phone with those..
    basically i paid 3 dollars for nothing.. 3 dollars to get garbage/ADS.. what i waste!!

    check the photo/proof of this..

    here: app advisor Pictures, app advisor Images, app advisor Photos, app advisor Videos - Image - TinyPic - Alojamiento de imágenes y de vídeo y uso compartido de fotos, gratis

    or: View image: IMG 20140710 WA0000

    My Best Regards
    07-10-14 01:49 PM
51 123

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