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    Is there a program that I can install that when activated, all it does is poll my 3 bluetooth devices and try to connect?

    Here is what I need it for. I have 3 cars, that my wife and I drive, depending on distance for MPG reasons. All 3 have the same Kynocera bluetooth speakerphone rearview mirror device. I have paired them with all the mirrors. The mirrors can save up to 4 phones, so that is no problem. Unfortunately, it only trys to connect to the last phone it was connected to, not any phone in its pairing list. So if my wife was in the car last, I get in and the mirror won't auto connect, so I have to dig out my bluetooth setup application, click ok, stop the searching for new devices, click no to try again, then choose the device. It would be so much easier if I could just set up a simple program to one of my convienience keys to automatically try to connect right down my list of paired devices. It could try one after another until it was successful, and it would stop...

    Does that exist?
    Any other potential suggestions?


    07-02-08 07:58 AM