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    Hi - I'm not good with GPS. Been using Amaze and I can figure it out....yay. I want to install one of the programs that I can track my cell on the web from another computer if I lose/misplace my phone. (If I lose it at work, does it show you the exact, exact location or just the general address)

    I've read and read and searched too, of course, and there's so many choices. I need it to be easy. Prefer free but it's OK if I pay as long as it's EASY!

    Which is best?

    InstaMapper. On the app world downloads, it says that you can track your phone but I can't find any info as to how on the main site.

    Google Latitude - seems complicated.

    RobLock - do I use that in addition to one of the other tracking apps.

    LiveTracker - seems like InstaMapper.

    Berry Locator

    or do you suggest something else? I want it to run in the background and be able to look at the web and see where it is.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Update - I went with MoosTrax - it's way easy. You sign up for an account, download an app to your phone and then go back to your web from your PC, sign in and associate your device. Then you can sign in anytime and see where it is. There's other stuff that I'm not really familiar with that you can do.

    So I'm getting used to all this GPS stuff - great for direction - I still don't understand why you'd want to share your location - I don't want stalkers :_)
    05-06-09 03:05 AM