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    So i was wondering if anyone had used the Blackberry Doctor to fix their berry. I sent mine out to get repaired, and i kinda just took a leap in hopes i get it back. I hope i do, I sent a cheque with it as well to cover the repair costs and shipping back to me. Anyone had any experiences with them?
    02-05-11 02:37 PM
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    Im going to bump this with my own response. I just heard from the guy that does the repairs. I sent it to him with a messed up screen (not cracked, display wouldnt show anything) and he put a new screen in it, and also put a new bezel on it because the old one was worn in spots, and put a new battery door on it because the old one had a deep scratch in it! I am so impressed with the service!!

    So basically if anyone in BC needs a berry fixed, they are definitely the ones to go to! Superb service!
    02-11-11 04:20 PM