03-29-10 11:30 AM
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    I went to my local sprint store to play with the blackberries and there a couple of things I noticed right away:

    * search on websites like craigslist, ebay, amazon requires a few clicks to magnify in versus the treo. is that because the web pages are just not optimized on the blackberry's?

    - I think I know what you mean. Using Opera Mini you have to click on a field to bring up a blank text box that you type into, or perhaps you mean the BB broswer when it is set to display 'page view' - that can take a bit of zooming in.

    However I just use the BB browser in 'column view' and all these sites are already optimised for mobile view so you just type straight into the search box, it's pretty quick.

    * composing email....is there a way to have a set of canned responses that I can choose from whenever I reply or compose emails?

    - You can set up all sorts of canned responses with the autotext list. There's already a few programmed in such as your phone number and BB PIN. I use

    **All the best


    to sign off emails and

    **Thanks for the mail and sorry for the late reply.**

    I just type 2 or 3 z's to make them pop up. There are also loads of keyboard shorcuts that will get you firing out emails quickly and effortlessly.

    I really liked the trackpad and was wondering if anyone had a work around for the issues above?
    Hi, I've replied with the info to the answers I could help with. Hope it helps you out a bit.

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    03-29-10 11:30 AM
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