1. Kinetic's Avatar
    I've never had a phone w/ a SIM card but am possibly switching to ATT in the near future when I get a Berry. I'm just wondering if anyone switches between their Berry and another, less important phone? I was considering this as I wouldn't want to bring a BB somewhere it could get damaged...like the beach. It would be nice to be able to pop the SIM into a backup phone that's not as valuable, and not have to worry.

    Anyone do this? Or is this even practical?
    02-13-08 07:13 PM
  2. Tylerd's Avatar
    Yes I am pretty sure it is. The only thing that might affect this is the data plan on a Blackberry, so don't take my word for it.

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    02-13-08 07:17 PM
  3. cjcarbone's Avatar
    sure is, i have a razr as a spare, just in case my BB has a prob(cause of me)lol

    The other night i installed a best skins ever to my BB, and had the battery out for a few hours, and put my SIM in my razr. **gasp**
    it took 10 min to respond to a minor text message. lol
    Once you put the SIM back in the phone, everything will be right back to normal.
    02-13-08 07:21 PM