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    Everyone is treating this morning's announcement of cross platform BBM like it's an entirely new thing, but in fact this has existed before..

    The product was BlackBerry Connect, and it provided a whole BlackBerry email and messaging experience on Palm and Symbian devices..

    I can see a lot of the same concepts in the "Secure container" app and the BBM apps.. BlackBerry Connect wasn't a success due to lack of marketing and limitations of those other platforms, bit it wasn't seen as a threat to BlackBerry back then, and IMO, it still is not a threat.. If anything, it's an opportunity. If you make the experience as BlackBerry like as possible, you're also introducing non BlackBerry users to the product and providing a class leading instant messaging app

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    05-14-13 05:29 PM
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    Don't remember blackberry connect but it does sound somewhat similar to what is happening now.

    Anyway I think if they can get the 'flow' experience onto the bbm for other platforms that would be great. I think in terms of experience flow' is great. Moving back n forth between pages is now in muscle memory. Also I don't know bout iOS but on Android they can get the swipe up to get out of the app feature. At least for those who don't have on screen keys.

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    05-14-13 05:56 PM

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