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    So far, in the week since I've upgraded to the Tour, the following has occurred:

    * It spontaneously fell onto my ceramic tile floor from a 3.5 foot bar stool in my kitchen (it had a silicone case on it and luckily survived). Haunted house maybe?

    * Last night, I fell asleep on the couch while I was grading a paper (and my BB was balancing on the back part of the couch), and it then fell off, somehow got under me, and I slept on top of it for about an hour. Luckily it was in standby so I didn't "rear-end-dial" anyone.

    * In my car, I put my phone down on the seat while I ran back in the house to grab something, and when I came back out I could NOT find my phone for the life of me. My friend was with me that day and sitting in the passenger's seat (where I had placed it), so I obviously asked her if she saw it. "No," she replied." Well when we got out of the car a half-hour later, I found it crammed into the crease between where the back part of the seat and the bottom part of the seat meet... and I had been connected to some random number that it dialed for 34 minutes.

    It's like a magnet for this kind of thing!!!!
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    05-01-10 11:55 AM
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    he...hehe...HAHAHA!!! This has got to be one of the funnier posts I've read today! I've done everything you've described and worse...but I use an OtterBox most of the time

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    05-01-10 12:49 PM
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    Luckily I go out of my way to insure nothing happens to my berry. They do not go into the bathroom with me or get near any kind of water EVER..

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    05-01-10 03:16 PM
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    Amazing! All that in just a week?? I'm getting my new 9700 this next week and I hope mine will not be such a "magnet", as yours xD.
    05-01-10 03:26 PM