1. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    I have an 8820, and I have noticed that it will occasionally exit the program I'm in and go back to the menu as if I had pressed ESC, without me doing anything. Further, it will often go from the icon screen to the today screen all by itself with the today theme.

    I'm beginning to wonder if something is wrong with it. Anyone else experience this behavior?

    04-18-08 01:44 AM
  2. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    maybe your back button is stuck
    i spilled beer on my keyboard one time...
    04-18-08 02:36 AM
  3. mattburns9999's Avatar
    Yeah the key is probably sticking.

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    04-18-08 11:38 AM
  4. ecooper11's Avatar
    mine does that only from the icon screen with time. It might be a theme thing.
    04-20-08 09:14 AM
  5. Username5300's Avatar
    I had simillar problem with mine and returned it to service provider and they sent it off to get fixed and it was a sticky button
    04-20-08 09:20 AM
  6. latina berry's Avatar
    Good luck!!!!
    04-20-08 09:28 AM
  7. jenaywins's Avatar
    i have that problem from the application menu and call log sometimes..... i just figured it was something i had to live with!
    04-21-08 04:52 PM