06-09-09 10:18 PM
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    I personally do not feel good about the touch screens. I agree with someone else who mentioned the problems with the first touch type screens i.e. Palm and the stylus and so forth.

    I opted for the Curve rather than a touch model, I think the jury is still out on touch screens, I mean...the iTouch has only been out a few years, yeah?

    Besides, as I mentioned in an earlier post, "I LIKE BUTTONS!". Makes me feel like Spock (the original L. Nemoy) with his tricorder! :P

    Live long and BlackBerry...

    ad hominem

    Does anyone remember those small, fold up keyboards you could buy for the Palm Pilots? If I had one of THOSE, then I wouldn't mind the touch screen phones--I wouldn't be touching them anyway, just using my peripheral keyboard!

    I still use/have a Dell Inspiron 5000. It's clunky, but I like clunky (or more precisely I can't just give it up!). I have yet to plug it up with my BB though, although it seems I can use it as my WiFi antenna.

    I can just see myself (and a couple of you "out there") five years/ten years from now, STILL clinging to our old button-type BBs, old laptops, HECK!, I still have an old portable Corona (circa 1941-48) IN the case, perfect condition--I take it out sometimes (when I am in the mainland anyway) just to get that old "clunk, clunk!" going...
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    I can't say hate but i'm a clean freak and can't see my screen dirty
    06-09-09 06:35 PM
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    I wouldn't want a full touchscreen. But I used to have a windows mobile phone from imate and it gave the option of using both. I am actally interested in the G1. My fiance had one and didn't care for it but we are differen, but I'm waiting to see what the G2 has to offer when it comes out. The G1 couldn't copy paste which I love about my bb and it doesn't have a flash on the camera. So maybe google will fix these issues and ill consider a G2. I love the touchscreen option. When I first switched from my windows mobile to my bb(first and current) I always tried to touch the screen thinking it would work. LoL

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    Yeah I have big hands so most TouchScreen phones don't work for me. But to say I hate them completely is a lot they have not made one that is right for me maybe the storm 2 can be that phone.

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    06-09-09 10:18 PM
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