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    I'm using Google Apps for email (though that may not be relevant, as the problem below only affects one account).

    The account in question has about 6,500 messages in 'All Mail', consuming about 385MB. The BIS is integrated using the default (POP based, I think) integration method the BIS sets up by default when creating a link to a GMail account (I don't have to set up server deatils at all). Mail normally comes into my BB within seconds of it arriving at the Gmail based account.

    For this ONE Gmail based account (the only one I have that contains nearly that many messages/MB) I've recently finding seemingly random emails arrive at Gmail and NEVER get to the BB.

    BIS is 2.4 (T-Mobile UK, who are trying hard to debug this issue)

    Anyone else seen this?

    04-10-08 07:12 AM