1. Ben546's Avatar
    My friend is with Telus, I am with rogers.

    He is looking into purchasing a pearl, but here in Canada data packages, specifically blackberry ones, are ridiculously priced.

    I am with rogers, which is basically a clone of at&t, and what I did was I got a basic unlimited data package, then add opera mini/gmail app, and changed the APN in the TCP settings.

    Does anybody know if this would work with telus? Might be different considering it is CDMA and all.

    03-22-08 04:55 PM
  2. dunnwhite's Avatar
    All I can say is your friend should have signed up with Telus when they offered their unlimited data, email and im for $15/month. That's what I did in December when I left Rogers and got my free Pearl with Telus! OMG can I see the difference.

    03-22-08 08:40 PM
  3. sonorase's Avatar
    telus has a unlimited data plan aswel.... 15$ unlimited text email..and 30$ email/text/web....if this is not at all what you are talking about pin me my pin# is 3021332F
    03-23-08 04:50 PM