11-19-10 01:17 PM
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  1. hailing's Avatar
    Hi Everyone!

    I just switched to a Torch from a Pearl 8130 about two weeks ago - and I'm loving it. I have four email accounts on my phone - 3 GMail and 1 POP. The POP account receives emails blazing fast, but I've noticed - especially today - that the GMail accounts take much longer to receive emails.

    Is anybody else noticing this?

    10-18-10 12:10 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    With a Gmail account my understanding is, is that it checks it about every 15 minutes. And every 5 after sending one.

    This could be the delay you're seeing. I've never had a problem with gmail emails in my 5 years on a BB.

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    10-18-10 12:41 PM
  3. waveuk's Avatar
    I do noticed this too. I thought with gmail it was true push.

    Also I have noticed that there is more delay when I am in 3G than in 2G
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    10-18-10 12:46 PM
  4. garypip's Avatar
    Yes, seeing delays on google accounts and gmail addresses. Northern NJ on VZW.
    10-18-10 01:12 PM
  5. ryan64093's Avatar
    Also experiencing delays on gmail in the Midwest.
    10-18-10 01:40 PM
  6. hailing's Avatar
    Very strange - I just called my provider, TELUS, and they said they hadn't heard of any GMail-related delays...
    10-18-10 02:20 PM
  7. briannepatterson's Avatar
    Gmail delays for me in Vancouver, Canada with Rogers.
    10-18-10 02:41 PM
  8. waveuk's Avatar
    In my case I have noticed this from a couple of weeks ago. But mainly in 3G.

    Is everybody that is having delays on 3G?
    10-18-10 02:44 PM
  9. hondateg91's Avatar
    Its possible there is an outage/server update that could be causing this delay. My gmail has been kind of slow today as well.
    10-18-10 02:49 PM
  10. briannepatterson's Avatar
    Rogers told me to call RIM at 1-877-255-2377 ...but it costs $ for support.
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    10-18-10 03:21 PM
  11. Glas4d's Avatar
    I'm on Bell and I'm having delays of upwards of an hour and even some not coming through at all.

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    10-18-10 04:57 PM
  12. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    No delays in the northeast
    10-18-10 05:10 PM
  13. iMiiTH's Avatar
    Opposite for me, the delay on my hotmail was so long I switched to gmail because it was push.

    Do you have imap enabled in gmail?

    Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP
    Make sure that's on.

    IMAP allows for two way read syncing.
    If you read the email on your phone and it says read in gmail but have delays, then something's up.

    It's fine in Toronto. :0
    10-18-10 08:45 PM
  14. jytvyj's Avatar
    gmail is generally within a minute...true push, usually about 5 seconds for me.

    today, its been about 2 minutes. meh.
    10-18-10 09:07 PM
  15. greg571's Avatar
    Today I emailed myself a link from one account on my laptop to the one i use on my blackberry, and the BB chirped about 2 hours later. both were gmail accounts.
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    10-18-10 09:29 PM
  16. firesting's Avatar
    Yeah my gmail is slow too. Takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to get email notifications. In Montreal on Rogers
    10-19-10 10:23 AM
  17. Lotic007's Avatar
    My Gmail use to be instant but over the last several months, I receive emails anywhere in the range of 1-15 minutes...never longer than 15 minutes and I have always had my "IMAP" enabled...

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    10-19-10 10:59 AM
  18. lmartin10's Avatar
    I was just about to register to post about this very thing. I couldn't get gmail all day yesterday, then it began working again around 5pm. Stopped working again about an hour ago. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Gmail is usually so quick to my phone, always shows up before it gets to my computer.
    10-19-10 01:26 PM
  19. SanctiSpiritus's Avatar
    Something bizarre is definitely happening. I've been experiencing intermittent delays over the past two days. They better get this fixed. My Gmail has always been reliable as the sun.
    10-21-10 03:57 PM
  20. Chuch Norris's Avatar
    Yeah, I sometime have that problem with my bold.I have delays with my gmail emails as well as texts..When I reboot my phone the problem stops..
    10-22-10 12:46 AM
  21. zeelob's Avatar
    Yup, I've been having delays here in Brooklyn, NY since BIS 3.2. I will allow them a few growing pains. I've never had a problem with Gmail. So as a workaround, I'm having my emails to gmail forwarded to my blackberry.net account. Now at least I see the emails that are coming in to my gmail immediately.
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    10-22-10 01:05 PM
  22. artdeco's Avatar
    I have been experiencing this problems also for several days. Always used to get my gmail emails instantly, now there are frequent delays. Very frustrating since I have several important accounts forwarded to gmail so I can get them immediately. So is this a wipespread problem affecting everyone's gmail account on their blackberry? Does anyone know if/when there is any sort of fix coming?
    10-22-10 02:17 PM
  23. matt160's Avatar
    None here, it is usally the quickest of mine. Comcast is terrible. Try a battery pull?
    10-22-10 04:05 PM
  24. at2it's Avatar
    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but since BIS 3.2 my @gmail accounts, along with my Google Apps hosted e-mail accounts are no longer instant push.

    I've tried to delete and re-add the account without any success.. Any news?
    10-27-10 06:55 PM
  25. waveuk's Avatar
    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but since BIS 3.2 my @gmail accounts, along with my Google Apps hosted e-mail accounts are no longer instant push.

    I've tried to delete and re-add the account without any success.. Any news?
    I think the problem is mainly when you are in 3G, I find 2G faster.

    Anyway I have decided to migrate my emial to yahoo. I am not liking the way google is managing private data.
    10-28-10 04:05 AM
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