1. PHDColumbus's Avatar
    Whenever I plug my bb into my computer and I have Windows Media Player open, it automatically tries to load all the junk from WMP onto my BB.
    This is so freakin annoying! I cant even listen to music/watch a video while my BB is plugged in. Is there any way to stop this nonsense?

    11-02-10 11:54 AM
  2. joeldf's Avatar
    WMP does this when ever you plug in any kind of usb drive into your computer. That includes your BB if you have a media card installed and set to mass storage mode.

    I hated it too. But if you already clicked next to finish letting it set up the BB, you can then cancel the sync (erase what did go on it later), go to the arrow under the "sync" menu, go to the device name while its still hooked up, and click "Advanced Options" and in the sync tab of that dialog, clear the "Start sync when device connects" check box.
    Now, WMP will still change the window for device syncing when you hook up the BB, but it won't start syncing unless you manually start it. It also shouldn't mess up whatever is already playing. Just click back to the "Now playing" or "Library" button.

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    11-02-10 04:57 PM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    I have 3 different media players in my laptop. Wmp is not set as the laptops default player and does not ever ask me to sync. Just an FYI.

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    11-02-10 05:45 PM
  4. joeldf's Avatar
    WMP only asks to sync if it's already running. It's the only media player on my work computer and it is a bit aggravating that it does this while listening to a CD and I happen to plug my BB in for a quick recharge, or even if I plug in a usb thumb drive to copy some files over. That darned WMP pops up that "configure for syncing" dialog. I wish there was a setting in WMP to simply ignore all usb drives - period.
    But I found out that thing about setting it to not sync automatically when connected. It is not ideal since the device still shows up in WMP, but it's good enough for now.

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    11-03-10 10:23 AM