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    I have a storm and am trying to find a way to access my online banking. If I google TD canada trust mobile, it gives me the link to the TD site. However when I click it, it goes to TD and it's a FAQ. It says "How do I connect to TD canada trust mobile? Answer: on Telus, open the mobile browser to go to the telus online home page, then click banking and TD." However, this seems to be more for WAP phones since nothing works on the BB, the Telus homepage is just something about downloading a few apps. Any suggestions?
    02-20-09 08:47 AM
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    Kind of answered my own question, haven't tried this on the storm yet just my 8703e so I launched storm broswer and it says Telus homepage (WAP) or Telus Homepage (HTML) so I chose wap and I can pick TD from there
    02-20-09 09:06 AM