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    Let me explain, it's easy to say "any smartphone with push" but there's two things to consider:

    1. The smartphone has to support push
    Every smartphone is push capable.

    2. The email provider has to give you "push" ie exchange
    iOS and Android support exchange. Yes, I know the email provider has to support it. I thought that was something that was pretty obvious Belfast...

    If the point 2 doesn't apply, point 1 becomes irrelevant.
    Your post is irrelevant because I am specifically talking about push email accounts.

    A blackberry turns any email into push email regardless of the email provider's settings.
    Who cares? I am already talking about push enabled accounts.

    Therefore non exchange email accounts will be delivered faster to a Blackberry allowing the user to reply faster.

    Does that make sense to you?

    Talking strictly hosted emails here not gmail, yahoo etc
    Once again you are NITPICKING every single line.

    I said any device with push email can do this. Meaning, the device is using an account that is capable of push.

    What are you arguing for? I agreed with you already. You just nitpick every single little thing so you can try to make a point, a point that I already know.

    I am not talking about non push email account Belfast. Come on. You honestly don't think I know how push email works for all devices? I mean, I have owned all of them unlike you.

    I will say it one more time.

    Any device using that is using push email can respond back to someone within seconds of receiving, not just a BlackBerry.

    Stop arguing for no reason please.
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