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    Hi all

    My BB Curve 8900 has a black screen and red flashing light at the top. I 'googled' this and it seems a really common problem, however most people say that when they connect to BB Desktop manager the device isnt recogniced where mine is.

    So....... last night I:

    Removed the battery, waited, re-inserted the battery and powered on.

    Dowloaded OS5 and reinstalled it.

    Through BB Desktop manager I deleted all my music, photos, any unnecessary files.

    But even afterb all that it still has a black screen and red flashing light. I was wondering if perhaps the LCD screen could be faulty? Or the backlight? Or is it something different.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

    09-08-11 05:43 AM
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    Check out JSanders' post: Curve 8520 stuck on a "white screen of death" - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    And when you do a battery pull make sure the device is on. If it's off and you take out the battery it doesn't do anything.
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    09-08-11 06:32 AM