1. megabenman's Avatar
    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this in, but if it's not then could a mod please move it?

    I'm getting very annoying SMS Spam messages that all follow the same basic layout:
    Bebo alhal:fw: *random stuff*
    <Reply M for more>
    It's driving me crazy, because I can get anywhere from 0-6 of these a day, and they always seem to come around 12-2 AM (EST). I'm often up at this time and I hate hearing my text message ringer go off and seeing this stupid spam. Is anyone else getting this spam, and how can I stop it? The number the spam is coming from changes everytime. It is always 9900***, then the last 3 numbers are different, usually one more than the last one (eg 9900140, then 9900141).

    02-16-09 01:09 AM
  2. Artemis68's Avatar
    Are you a member on Bebo? It's a social networking site...cause that's what the spam says: "Bebo"
    02-16-09 01:11 AM
  3. megabenman's Avatar
    I googled Bebo when I first started getting the spam to figure out what it was and saw it as some sort of facebook/myspace wannabe. I am not a member there.
    02-16-09 01:13 AM
  4. zoxxo's Avatar
    Is this a new phone line for you? You're probably getting text messages from the last owner of the line. If not, then someone has inadvertently setup your phone line with bebo. This is also probably counting against your text messages, so you want to get it fixed quick. I would talk to your cell provider and see if they can block it, or assist you in stoppping the text messages. If they're sympathetic to your problem, they might also credit you for the text messages, especially if it's a recycled line...

    02-16-09 01:29 AM
  5. megabenman's Avatar
    Yeah this is a new phone. I got it from a rogers store, not from another person.
    Well I have unlimited texts incoming and outgoing but Ill try calling them. Thanks.

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    02-16-09 01:12 PM
  6. bmp123's Avatar
    If you have all the numbers saved maybe your phone company can block the numbers?
    02-16-09 01:59 PM
  7. BergerKing's Avatar
    Might reply with a text, just type stop and send.

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    02-16-09 02:31 PM
  8. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    I'd take bergerkings advice first.

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    02-16-09 06:39 PM
  9. bigmikey82's Avatar
    I had a problem like this before, kept getting texts about whirlpool tubs. Replied to one of the texts with STOP and haven't gotten one since.
    02-16-09 06:45 PM
  10. agilek9s's Avatar
    I started getting them yesterday and I've gotten two today. They are spam texts regarding stock quotes and other stuff. I don't know why they started or how to get rid of them. I didn't sign up for anything.
    02-16-09 10:08 PM
  11. Mr.Asterik's Avatar
    Many more companies and individuals have started 'spamming' text messages to cell phone users. Obviously someone/an entity (company, school, organization, etc.) is selling customer information to these spammers.

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    02-16-09 11:27 PM
  12. rwing6's Avatar
    ive been getting them too and i hate it, ive only had about 2 in 2 months though. the layout is name @somewebsite.com and the text is always like " john told me that you would like this" its so annoying
    02-16-09 11:32 PM
  13. Sonshyne's Avatar
    I got one yesturday also.. No address just a wierd number..
    02-17-09 08:51 AM
  14. TMP123's Avatar
    I had a good friend send me an email 1/22/09 about this, all cell phone numbers were going public Jan. 23. For all telemarketing on that day as well, it stated that text msgs would most likely be the correspondence of choice because it doesn't fall under the time constraints as phone call's do. ( like 8 am to 8 pm. I figure there cheaper to send as well)

    It provided a number to call to the National Do Not Call List 888-382-1222 this is handled by the Federal Trade Commission. I called from my cell and it was done in less then a minute.

    This is for the US, I don't know if there is a different number for Canada

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    02-17-09 10:05 AM
  15. megabenman's Avatar
    Wow.. Typing in "stop and send" worked, thanks! I typed it in and immedietly after a text came saying "You have successfully turned alerts off".

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    02-17-09 03:23 PM