02-03-12 01:30 AM
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    iphone all the way
    02-03-12 12:37 AM
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    iphone all the way
    let this thread die and go away. your toy is not a tool it's a distraction.
    02-03-12 12:51 AM
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    Time to upgrade. Has any Blackberry users tried an Android phone? I'd like to know their thoughts if it's just as good as blackberry or do you suggest staying with blackberry?
    I have an iphone, Blackberry 9810 and a Samsung Google Nexus Android.

    I have had pretty much every blackberry since 2003. I was brought up on keyboard phones having the Palm W, Treo 600 and 680 before.

    I am on my 4th android now and finally love the virtual keyboard better than the blackberry keyboard. For me, virtual is faster and more accurate. When you type the first 2 or 3 letters of a word, several word options come up for you to select.

    I will always have a blackberry. To me, the blackberries small size is good for when I need a phone with access to email, albeit the email experience pales in comparison to android.

    This is what I don't like about the email experience on the blackberry:

    1. Truncated emails. This does not happen on my android.

    2. No email editing and forwarding. On the android, if someone sends you an email, you can forward it to someone and edit the complete email, adding or subtracting words. You can't do this on a blackberry.

    3. No email sync on the blackberry between the mobile and PC. On android, delete an email on the mobile and it is deleted on the PC. Delete an email on the PC and it is deleted on the mobile. Mark as read on the PC and it is marked as read on the mobile and vice versa. This is with Gmail. This saves so much time having your emails on the PC and mobile in perfect sync. Apple and Google license Microsoft's Eschange Active Sync to make this happen. To get this type of email syncing on a blackberry, you need a BES plan and exchange server. Too expensive and not an option for consumers.

    4. If you use labels as folders in gmail, you have full access to these color labels on the android. Not so on the blackberry.

    5. You can archive emails on the android and it archives the emails on your PC. This function never worked for me on the blackberry.

    Other functions that the android has is wireless syncing of your calendar and contacts in real time. Again, android and apple uses Microsoft's Exchange Active Sync for this. Blackberry wants to charge you an arm and a leg for this functionality with BES and an an exchange server. The Blackberry can emulate this functionality on BIS but uses Googles back end to do this. Skip the middle man and go android.

    Other things that drive me crazy about my blackberry:

    1. Under powered.
    2. Poor browser.
    3. Small screen.
    4. Long boot up times.
    5. App World is painfully slow,
    6. None of the popular apps such as Skype, Netflix, Teamviewer, animated weather, etc.
    7. Poor battery life. My 9810 has extremely poor battery life.
    8. Email client on the Blackberry does not work if there is no SIM card. It does on an android through wifi.
    9. The blackberry is lousy to travel with because you can't buy a prepaid SIM with a BIS data plan. When I travel internationally, I buy a prepaid data SIM card (usually $60 for 6 GB) at the arriving airport, put it in my android and I have a smartphone with a local number, email and internet.
    10. No wifi router. Yes I know it is coming, but it is not officially released.
    11. No front facing camera.

    This is the reason why I had to buy my first android. I needed email and data on a smartphone when I was overseas and it had to work with a prepaid SIM card with data. You simply can't do this with a Blackberry. The wifi router in my android give my laptop and tablet an internet connection.

    I use my blackberry for skiing, biking, hiking, etc. Any activity where if I lose it or break it, I don't care.

    For activities when having efficient access to email is secondary, the small size of the blackberry is a bonus. Also, Blackberries are a dime a dozen on craigslist should you break or lose it.

    The Blackberry is the ultimate back up phone you can abuse, lose or break.

    I have given up on my iphone. I don't jailbreak my phones, hate itunes and hate that 1 home button.

    Hope this helps.

    No one says you can't have a blackberry and an android. It is good to mix it up.
    02-03-12 01:30 AM
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