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    I noticed this Reuters news article yesterday and though it may be relevant to Blackberry discussions. I don't think it is in reference to the higher end Android phones, but in markets where Blackberry had a selection of lower end phones, it may make the Telcos think twice about offering cheap Android alternatives.

    Android phone repair cost telcos billions--study | Reuters

    Here are a few quotes from the article. It is a quite short article and worth a read.

    Costly hardware failures are more common on Android devices than on Apple Inc iPhones and Research In Motion Inc BlackBerry phones, which have strict control over the components used in their devices, WDS data showed.

    Cheaper Android models, costing as little as $100 to make, have helped Android emerge as the dominant platform in smartphones, attracting dozens of manufacturers ranging from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to no-brand Asian vendors.

    "At the moment, Android is a bit of the Wild West," he said.

    He said returning a device costs an operator on average 80 British pounds in service costs, transport fees or in the costs of replacing of the device.

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    interesting. good info.
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    "Fitting older versions of Google's Inc popular Android software to cheaper cellphones could send the repair costs of global telecoms operators up as much as $2 billion, a study by wireless services firm WDS showed"

    This is the keyword. But what the article fails to mention is, that the cheap low end Android phones won't be getting upgraded software, simply because the hardware wouldn't support the newest versions. Just like older models of BB don't support OS7, and the newest models won't support QNX.
    11-03-11 10:31 AM
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    The word could is the whole point of the study. Why wait until the repair costs do cost the Telcos a lot of money before making the decisions on which phones to sell to the masses?
    11-03-11 10:54 AM
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    So, low-end, cheap phones are going to be prone to build quality issues?

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    So, low-end, cheap phones are going to be prone to build quality issues?

    Exactly why I posted it here. Blackberry has cheap but quality phones. Apple has quality phones but not cheap. This leaves Blackberry as an ideal choice for telcos/carries to use as entry level smart phones in developing countries. I suppose there may also be a Nokia option there too, but Nokia was not mentioned in the article.
    11-03-11 12:28 PM