10-30-14 09:28 PM
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    Looks like there might be a Fire 2. SMH, repeating stupid mistakes is what makes companies irrelevant.

    With the Fire phone, Amazon plans to stay the course, as it has with its Kindle readers. As CEO Jeff Bezos likes to point out, critics panned the first Kindle e-reader in 2007, but it evolved into a widely-used family of products. Likewise, Amazon seems intent on taking the same long-term approach with the Fire phone, despite a competitive smartphone market.

    “We are going to keep iterating software features to get it better and better,” said Limp. “Each release that we’re doing, we’re learning. Beyond that, I leave it out there to see what people think.”
    Difference between the Fire and the Kindle. The Kindle was the best e-reader on the market with hardware and ecosystem.
    10-30-14 07:29 PM
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    Amazon did approach BlackBerry in 2011. For anyone out there who doesn't see a correlation between the company's or a reason to participate in each others space, you don't know what your talking about. The pros know how to shoot. The children just stand around and watch.

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    10-30-14 09:28 PM
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