1. dablessing's Avatar
    So, I went ahead and bought a 1 year license for Amaze GPS 5.0 in December and have been pretty happy with it. Today, I opened the program and got the message that I should upgrade to 5.1. I went ahead and upgraded, and now it is asking for me to buy a new license. I'm not going to buy another license.

    I sent an email to Amaze support, but haven't heard back yet. Has anyone else had this problem? I couldn't find any support on their website for this problem.

    02-10-10 10:05 AM
  2. SBibbo's Avatar
    I did the exact same thing. I've also not heard from them yet. Please post an update if you get any response. I like the application but don't want to have to repurchase it.
    02-11-10 01:57 AM
  3. Boujo's Avatar
    I'm from the amAze GPS team.
    First of all, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
    As mention in the download site when loading version 5.1 for BB, there is a need to reactivate the PIN again.
    please send me a PM or an e-mail to our support and we will activate your PIN right away.

    02-11-10 02:03 AM
  4. dablessing's Avatar
    Thanks for helping out. I had gotten an email back from Amaze this morning and followed the link they sent. I put in the new pin and now the license is active again.

    Thanks for your help Amaze!
    02-11-10 01:05 PM
  5. beardedpapa's Avatar
    I also downloaded version 5.1 after buying the license in Dec 2009. I have the same problem in that it is now not working. I was able to contact their support and ask them to activate my new PIN. They responded very quickly to say it was done, however nothing worked. At their request I uninstalled 5.1 and reinstalled it giving me a new PIN. They say they have activated this second PIN but it is still not working.

    Their support response has been very quick but I still dont have a working version of AMAZE GPS.

    I am using a Blackberry 8800. I have asked them if I can reinstall version 5.0 that did work until they sort out the problem
    02-19-10 06:09 PM
  6. jmkeane's Avatar

    I also have same problem. I bought v5.0 for mine and my wife's bolds and upgraded to 5.1 and need to pay again. i tried clicking on the "contact" button on the Amazegps website but it does nothing. I have tried it in Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

    Can't find their support email anywhere? Does anyone know what this email address is?

    Thanks for your help
    02-23-10 05:27 PM
  7. beardedpapa's Avatar
    Hi jmkeane

    The address I have been using is below
    amazeGPS @ locationet.com Note remove the spaces
    I have had lots of response from them with try this try that but after about a dozen emails they have still not solved the problem.
    I am still waiting for their next response.
    02-24-10 08:14 PM
  8. beardedpapa's Avatar
    Hi jmkeane

    Well after nearly 4 weeks and constant emails from amazeGPS support I have finally got version 5.1 working again.
    Apart from updating the PIN and reactivating it, the last step needed was to update the firewall on the Blackberry. Once this was done everything was fine.
    Hope this helps your situation, lets know if it does
    03-10-10 04:05 AM
  9. Hakim Zenian's Avatar
    Does it work with blackberry os7 devices..?

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    09-18-11 03:33 PM