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    I have 4 email accounts. Work account is most important. It's an outlook web access through BIS. Two accounts are POP (through comcast) and one is IMAP. Seems to me that the work email is delayed by about 15 minutes, although sometimes I get a whole bunch at once, so maybe it is inconsistent. I think the POP accounts are faster. Can I get the work email any faster on my BB?

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    01-29-11 01:45 PM
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    Nope. That's how it works on BIS.
    01-29-11 01:46 PM
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    your work email might not be instant. Many accounts are actually on a 15 minute basis. So they will be delayed upto 15 minutes. there are more than just gmail and yahoo that are instant though now too but i dont know the full list

    here are the technical details

    While using the device, you may have noticed that email doesn't hit your web service and BlackBerry at the same time. This is because the BlackBerry doesn't automatically check for new messages by logging into your email accounts like some of the other PDA devices and programs.
    After you set up new email addresses on your BlackBerry (you are allowed up to 10, in addition to a Blackberry email account), servers that belong to RIM (Research in Motion) store the login details for each account. The RIM's servers are the ones that log into your accounts and check for new messages. They do this using a static IP connection. The BlackBerry doesn't stay connected to the email account on a continuous basis. This is why there seems to be a delay in receiving new email messages. By default, the BlackBerry Internet Servers (BIS) check for new messages every 15 minutes and download them to the device.
    Before the messages are sent to the device, they are compressed to a smaller file. For really big messages, only the first 2kb of data is sent to the device. These larger files will need to be viewed from your email client on the computer. If new messages are found, the BIS will start checking for new messages every 3 minutes. The delay goes back to 15 minutes as soon as no new messages come through during the 3-minute check.
    Email accounts with Gmail and Yahoo servers are not held to the 15-minute-interval rule. New messages from these types of accounts are sent instantly to the device. The BIS remains in continuous contact with these servers.
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    Sometimes though, you'll obtain delays even thru gmail/yahoo/hotmail though
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    01-29-11 01:52 PM