1. phonephreak1987's Avatar
    I switched over from T-Mobile to Sprint and got the Blackberry Curve 9350. The sales Rep told me good choice, because she'd prefer a phone that won't die out on her after 4 hours of usage and was happy with my choice. The battery life on my Blackberry is god awful though. It runs out pretty quick but whatever.
    02-03-12 10:54 PM
  2. blue_k's Avatar
    If you just got your BB, the battery life should improve once the battery breaks in. I haven't really spoken to a sales rep about a BB as I bought mine online. I have emailed my carrier with a few questions about my BB, and they were happy to help and not bash BB.
    02-03-12 11:21 PM
  3. Kevstra's Avatar
    How does your Curve have god awful battery life? I would expect those to be the troopers of all Berries.
    02-03-12 11:47 PM
  4. NFLPLAYBOOK's Avatar
    I've actually had a couple of them that had BBs themselves. They were older models and wanted to know how mine was.
    02-04-12 12:03 AM
  5. ichat's Avatar
    Curve actually has one of the best battery life.
    02-04-12 01:06 AM
  6. phuoc's Avatar
    I also came to Sprint from T-mobile and while my rep didn't say anything about me buying a Style, she did smile at me sort of funny.
    02-04-12 01:12 AM
  7. bbmme's Avatar
    I had an awesome experience with mine, even though she was iphone user eh=p
    02-04-12 01:24 AM
  8. sam_b77's Avatar
    I run into BB loving reps all the time. Actually if people ask the reps to compare an Android or iPhone, the reps normally reply that don't compare BB with other phones as BB is a different league. This normally clinches the BB deal. But I'm in India, people still love BBs here. I guess the sales rep just pander to the current flavour to close the deal. If iPhones became the new trend then the sales rep would change their pitch. Their loyalty is to the deal.
    02-04-12 03:08 AM
  9. jordandrews90's Avatar
    Glad to see a lot of people having good expiriences. I myself have had a negative experience when I went to Telus.

    I think people are just more likely to post on here if they're upset. So it can be a little misleading for the majority of expiriences.
    02-04-12 11:37 AM
  10. 13echo4's Avatar
    I think people are just more likely to post on here if they're upset. So it can be a little misleading for the majority of expiriences.
    I agree with this
    02-04-12 12:34 PM
  11. sedalia066's Avatar
    Our local ATT store has at least one BB loving and knowledgeable rep. He carries Android as that is all the store offers to employees. But he knew CB and is looking to get a personal BB one day. When he is working he is the only rep we will talk to.
    02-04-12 12:42 PM
  12. albee 1's Avatar
    My local Vz store had a young BB guru who is also a CB member. His words were, "this thing is awesome, you won't be disappointed"! As he showed me his Bold. and he was right. Don't know why others are having battery issues. Mine will last 24 hrs with minimum use, and 12 with max.
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    02-04-12 12:46 PM
  13. fourboysplus's Avatar
    The thing is most new phones are amazing in their own way. Its like a new car, you can't really go wrong with any model, they are all good. That's why reps shouldn't be so biased.
    02-04-12 12:53 PM
  14. ooklah's Avatar
    I haven't had any bad experiences with Verizon in this regard. However, I never go in pretending to shop and ask for any suggestions on what I should buy. I know what I want before I go into the store. None of the associates I've encountered have ever tried to steer me toward another phone than the one I was asking for.

    The closest thing I've had was when I bought my 9930 the associate made sure that I knew there aren't as many apps available as on Android. I was coming from the Droid Incredible 2 at the time, so this was relevant I think. I told him that the apps I use are, and that was the end of it.

    Then while activating the Bold for me, I could tell he was kind of surprised with how smooth and quick it was. Then he looked over at his co-worker and said "I might go back to BlackBerry."

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    02-04-12 12:59 PM
  15. Morty2264's Avatar
    I didn't encounter a BlackBerry hating sales representative, either. I told him I wanted a BlackBerry; and he immediately showed me the Bold that was newest at the time and told me all its features and highlights. He never once mentioned an iPhone, Android, or HTC phone (which are all cool, but not what I wanted); and didn't try to make me change my mind. I like having sales reps who respect your choices and don't force you into buying something you don't want.
    02-09-12 04:33 PM
  16. OniBerry's Avatar
    I just met a few who did not fully understand all the features of BlackBerry, but they were still stoked. Just a bit of misinformation; memory information was slightly off, OS information was sketchy at best, but most were showing some love to their BB customers. This was mostly at Rogers, and was on the day I bought my 9900s. Bell reps were just clueless about release date/times and had conflicting information.
    02-09-12 04:36 PM
  17. MACKSnare519's Avatar
    When I bought my first BB( 8330), the clerk had a Bold on his hip.

    When I bought my 9800, I knew what I wanted. Plus, the whole time I was in the store I was pretty much only playing around with the BlackBerrys. I can't recall the clerks even mentioning another device. (Didn't have to with that GIANT iPhone display in the middle of the store.... lol)

    Whenever I go in to purchase a device, I already know everything there is to know about it, and more times than not, more than the sales rep. I think that comes off when I talk to reps.

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    02-09-12 04:53 PM
  18. SnoozerBold's Avatar
    The sales reps were fine when I got my 1st bb and my 3rd. (2nd I bought used online). When I got my first one the rep helping me was a bb owner the other time I'm not sure what they owned.
    I gotta say though once I go into a store to by something, especially electronics I've already done my research and know what I want.
    02-09-12 04:56 PM
  19. Vee_G's Avatar
    I'm with Telus, in the past when I've upgraded I let them know I want another BlackBerry and they take me straight to the BB section. Never once have I experienced anyone trying to sway my decision in device choice. I feel sale reps should listen to what the customer wants & then go from there.
    02-09-12 06:33 PM
  20. kbz1960's Avatar
    I went in and started looking at the bb's then started looking at the other phones. Rep asked if they could help and I said I want a 9850. She brought one out and I played with it and she told me it was a real nice phone as she used one for awhile and might go back to it but they wanted her to try all of the phones.

    No trying to talk me into anything else or questioning my choice. I will be back there.
    02-09-12 06:43 PM
  21. bricenm's Avatar
    The young Verizon store rep who sold me my 9930 back in the summer actually liked BB's. He liked the messaging and form factor a lot.
    02-09-12 11:06 PM