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    For some reason I can't download anything via browser or app world. I saw that there was an OS update for my Torch 9800, so I decided to update via Desktop Manager. However, DM crashed during the update, and now my phone doesn't boot up. The white bar goes right to the end and stops. I've tried a battery pull, and soft reset just makes the screen white.

    Edit: The time my phone is screwed up, BBSAK actually works... What?

    Edit 2: Trying to update through DM again without the battery in. Also the so called "update" is the exact same OS I'm using... *Sigh*
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    02-28-12 05:44 AM
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    Yes do a full wipe and search crackberry on learning how to reload your Os. After that it will work. Also make sure you update your dm.
    02-28-12 06:41 AM
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    Had to reload the OS, lost everything on the phone itself (I was actually going to backup before this happened...). BBSAK can't detect my phone again so I can't restore my apps.
    02-28-12 06:47 AM
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    ok have you checked out the tutorial by searching crackberry? Let me get you started. Download the latest os for your device. Install through Windows and open App Loader. To access that you will need to go to the tutorial which I told you to search for.
    02-28-12 07:58 AM
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    Now after restoring some old apps/contacts, I can't setup my emails anymore. When I click on the email option in setup, nothing happens. I've tried resending the host route, and battery pull. Could something be corrupted? Problems happen often. I was considering just wiping it and using no backups...
    02-28-12 08:18 AM