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    Where do you get your statistics from? Steve Job's mother?

    and keep in mind, anyone who is anyone in this world don't use macs...
    No, it's because a decent Apple laptop costs three times as much.
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    The new Apple promo speaks volumes.

    If you pre-buy the new iPhone you get one of these for free:

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    The new Apple promo speaks volumes.

    If you pre-buy the new iPhone you get one of these for free:

    iPhone pros: cut and paste and video recording coming soon.

    BB cons: no baby shaker app.

    It is a testament to Apple's marketing machine that they can get people excited over "new" features such as cut and paste. Wow!

    Seriously though, I think of a BB more as a business & email machine, and of the iPhone more as an entertainment machine. Of course, both can also do the other, but I think not as well. Regardless, it's nice to have choices.
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    As far as multitasking goes, do people here realise that leaving a screen to go to another app, then re-opening the "left app" will open it just the way you left it, on the iPhone?

    Jailbreaking is simple, and allows cut/copy/paste.

    Who actually uses MMS anyways? Isn't that what email's for?

    Typing on the iPhone is easy. Same as the Storm, but with the Storm you have to "click". I like them both.

    I'd like to see a SureType kind of thing on the iPhone, as I came from a Pearl to the Storm, and totally LOVE LOVE LOVE Suretype.

    That said, I use my Storm, because the only GSM carrier in Canada is Rogers, and their data plans are insane. If you tell them you have an iPhone, it's even more ridiculous.

    I'm also a Mac user, and the seamless syncing with the iPhone rocks. With the Blackberry, I've gotten used to ad-hoc syncing, and having to use Windows for necessary backups and OS installs, but it's still a royal pain in the arse.

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other, IMO. The iPhone is not a toy, and the Blackberry isn't the be-all to end-all.
    05-09-09 05:04 PM
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