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    I started by using telenav, which is great. Then, for kicks (and possible savings) I tried the free nav4all. It's got its quirks, which I won't go into here, but I absolutely love the minimalist interface. It's not distracting, only pops up when absolutely necessary, and looks cool. It also goes to a cool black/green thing at night. I love it! Is there any other program that employ directions-only interface?
    03-08-08 09:47 AM
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    Answered my own question - telenav has an option for Turn only interface.
    03-08-08 02:53 PM
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    I like Nav4All because of its spoken and ACCURATE directions. But I've also tried amAzeGPS. It too has minimilistic arrow navigation option and spoken directions. However, until the new version comes out, the current one is WAY to slow in starting up, and it does not yet have the customary Blackberry interface (at least for the 8830). It's more difficult to maneuver around.
    Regarding Nav4All, I can't seem to find any manual-type information to explain some of its options and data displays. The built-in help manual is very lacking...
    03-08-08 03:55 PM
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    • really difficult to enter addresses (would like the basic google maps method, but instead have to enter country, state, zip, number, and street on separate screens - this is probably better for numeric phones, but a waste of a good qwerty keyboard, and no way to paste a simple address either)
    • Hard to enter addresses online - love this about telenav. Enter the address online and it syncs with the phone at the push of a button.
    • sometimes skips turns (main examples: which way yo go at the end of exit ramp, and a couple of forks in the road)
    • occasional screwy behavior ("no route found", sent me in circles once, once sent me a clearly longer route)
    • And I agree that that not all options are documented well - they could whittle it down a bit too.
    • And what's with the "easy-rider" driving options. As opposed to "shortest" or fastest" - does "easy rider" mean I want directions as if I were some hippy biker in the 60's (IE - I don't care where I end up)

    But love the international nature, the minimal directions interface, the clear voice directions, the way it goes black with green text / arrows at night.
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    03-08-08 08:32 PM