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    Alltel to ATT and Curve issues
    I am a current Curve user on Alltel (CDMA) who will become a ATT (GSM) user in the next couple months. I know I will be getting a new phone from/for ATT, but I'm a little concerned about making it through the next couple months. My current Curve is starting to have issues - ringer quit a month ago, little roller ball needs replacing - I need to clean under it every few days, and now I can't get email, and email password appears corrupted, so I can't change/delete email settings.

    I've tried to reset email settings (unsuccessfully), done multi soft resets, bat removal and still no email. So I could use some help with these issues.

    However, I'm thinking about getting a quad-band unit that would work on Alltel now, and then at least be a backup unit, if not primary unit when we move to ATT (and GSM) in a couple three months. So my main question is, can I buy an Xberry today that will work with Alltel and then work with ATT in Feb/Mar when they convert?

    thanks, Chuck
    12-02-10 12:05 PM