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    I searched high and low and didn't find anything. I used an application called Allsport GPS to track my runs, bike rides, and hikes on my 8310. The publisher offers it for the 9530 but it's restricted to Verizon. Anybody know of any way to install this on a 9530 with AT&T as carrier? I love the app. I've tried a few other GPS activity tracking software and found this to be far and away the best of the bunch.
    03-15-10 08:42 AM
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    The way I read their site they say the Storm is supported on all carriers including Verizon.
    Supported Phones - Trip planning, GPS navigation, fitness training using a GPS-enabled mobile phone or a GPS receiver.

    " The following carriers are officially supported :

    * AT&T
    * T-Mobile
    * Sprint
    * Verizon - Storm and Tour only! "

    Clicking the purchase for Storm 9530 link opens a pop up:

    "Downloading from your phone

    * Open the BlackBerry App World application on your phone
    * Select "Search"
    * Enter "Trimble Outdoors"
    * Follow the instructions on the phone to download and install

    - or -

    * View Trimble Outdoors on BlackBerry App World

    Questions? Call us on 1-800-773-5996 or email support@TrimbleOutdoors.com "
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    03-15-10 11:07 AM
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    It says that, but when you open up the link on your BB, The app is titled "Allsport GPS for Verizon". It takes you to the app store entry, which says (where a download button should be) "this application is not available on your carrier or for your device"

    I would bet I can install it but how does the App store determin your carrier? Via Vendor ID? APN?

    Trimble, like TeleNav, won't state why their application is supported on the carrier, on the device, but not on the combination of the two. I worked around it for TeleNav, now I hope to do the same for Allsport.
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    03-15-10 01:17 PM
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    Try contacting their support, phone number and email above.
    03-15-10 04:02 PM
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    I did that. They were very responsive. Good people, great app.
    03-15-10 06:47 PM