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    Yes, there are a couple of posts about this- but none relevant to my situation. Some people have asked about why they get NO alerts through the headphones. In answers some folks say the get them through the headphones. Possibly OS related, etc...

    But in my case, I GET alerts through my headphones for ALL notifications: emails, SMS, BBM, etc... EXCEPT the actual phone alert. IT will ring as normal through the device. My old 8310 would just pause whatever was playing, play the alert/ring and let me take care of it. Currently on my 9700 running .979, The message type alerts play OVER the music/podcast or whatever. When the phone is ringing, it pauses the playback and rings through the external speaker. I've got some decent earbuds and if it's on my belt under my coat, no way I can hear it... The only clue is the sudden pause of the playback and I don't always realize what's going on. Even with vibrate/ring on, I don't always notice it. This has been the case since one of the updates from ATT, since I believe it worked the way I think it's supposed too when I received the phone when it was released. The brand of headphone doesn't matter; the original BB Premiums, crappy freebies, or the current Skullcandy's I'm running with. Any opinions on what's going on?
    11-17-10 03:15 PM