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    According to Kevin Michaluk from crackberry RIM official statement regarding 5.0 OS was,

    "RIM began rolling out BlackBerry OS 5.0 late last year through our carrier partners for supported devices, including the BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Storm2. We continue to work with our carrier partners to make BlackBerry OS 5.0 available to users on new and other supportable in-market BlackBerry smartphones."

    So basically its in the carriers hands and they have to sign off on the 5.0 OS. I have a suggestion but it will only work if we all work together. Lets say next Monday is "5.O OS-Day". Monday January 11, 2010 at exactly 10 AM central time all blackberry owners call 611 flood the phone lines of all carriers customer service, blackberry tech support, etc and demand for them to roll out 5.0 basically drive them crazy! I am sure it will get to the top. Perhaps it will speed up the 5.0 OS official release process accross all carriers. It will take the effort of all of us! We need to pass the word around the net and get everyone involved. Pass this idea to all blackberry owners on all the forums social sites etc..

    just an idea but with enough support I think it will work.
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    you dont get it though... theres reasons they didnt aprove the os it didnt pass inspection calling them to annoy them isn't going to change that
    01-05-10 04:47 PM
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    noaim is right. calling your carrier has no effect especially since when you call in you reach the service reps and even the "tech support" have no power over what is designated for your device. its an entire division dedicated to verifying software for the devices. those are the same people that make the manuals and "scripts" tech support follows to help you when you **** up
    01-05-10 05:27 PM