1. flea620's Avatar
    When i updated my OS i lost my AIM notification sounds. I tried un and reinstalling AIM but it didnt seem to work. I wouldn't care so much but I liked using the one alert noise as my SMS sound. any idea where i can get them?
    04-01-09 04:30 PM
  2. Tremortality's Avatar
    Never heard the AIM sounds but if you like alerts like sound effects and little simple tones zedge.net under SFX has a ton of them. No one better for those type of tones (if no one can help you with your issue) Sorry I cant offer any better advice. Can you not get AIM re-installed or have you given up on the app
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    04-01-09 04:34 PM
  3. flea620's Avatar
    no i reinstalled it but the sounds just wont come back. I'll check out that site. b/c that's basically why i liked the sound b/c it was simple noise.
    04-01-09 04:39 PM