1. nurseferatu's Avatar
    As a long-time devotee of Agendus on the Palm, I missed it terribly when I switched to the BlackBerry Storm. When I found out Agendus had been released for BlackBerry, I was elated and bought it right away. But the Agendus on BlackBerry is NOT functional. Events schedule themselves on the wrong dates, menus don't even have the functionality of the primitive native calendar app, other functionality basic to Agendus on the Palm is not even there...it's so frustrating I don't even use it. The software engineers say they're working on it, but meanwhile the only upgrade I've seen provides better error logging, NOT better capability. And they're charging money for this!? If you want more information, go to the Iambic web site and visit the community forum under Agendus for BlackBerry. You'll find out all you need to know.
    05-27-09 05:12 PM