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    After the BIS 2.6 upgrade (and reintegrating my Gmail account to update it), I'm finding a lot more Gmail messages getting sent to my BB than prior to the 2.6 update. Prior to the update, just Gmail's "Inbox" was going to the BB. I receive a huge amount of e-mai, and so, over time, have created (and continue to add, as needed) many Gmail filters to control what gets sent to Gmail Inbox, and what skips Inbox (and filed to specific folders). However, after the BIS 2.6 update, it seems that some messages that are filtered to bypass the Inbox are still being sent to my BB 8830WE (not *all* messages filtered to bypass the Inbox are doing this, just some, but that some still makes for a lot more messages than I need going to my BB). To be clear, the filtered messages are being filtered, in that they're not appearing in my Gmail "Inbox" folder--but yet some of these still get sent to my BB anyway.

    Does anyone have any insight as to why this might be happening? Am I missing something obvious? As for theories I've come up with so far, I'm wondering if some of the messages that are set to bypass Gmail Inbox are simply being forwarded through IMAP to my BB prior to the Gmail filter(s) doing their thing.

    Thanks in advance for any help and/or insight into this issue.
    04-09-09 09:18 AM