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    Yeah I've been a quite ascerbic critic of RIM over the last couple of years. I remain pretty skeptical of its recent moves, even if I have to concede it's made some recent progress in improving the overall customer experience, in operational chutzpah (if you will) and of course, in commercially-viable technological advancement. It's for all these reasons that I am sticking with the handset maker and platform which I of course admire despite my misgivings. The fact is, a lot of those misgivings were based on my experiences with the Storm 1 - possibly the most frustrating mobile phone I've owned, in coming up to 20 years of cell phone usage. It was a phone which promised much and delivered much less although using it was by no means *all* bad. Still, I'm happy to be rid of it and I can tell after just 2 hours of Torch use that it's exponentially sounder, faster and yes overall better. So this is me just sheepishly admitting that one bad BlackBerry doesn't make all BlackBerrys bad. (Although at times I wanted to think it did with that pesky Storm ;-).
    And I don't think I'm alone in quietly sticking with BB after loudly threatening to quit several times, am I?

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    01-21-11 06:25 AM
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    You threatened to quit? I did quit, a couple of times, and here I am, back on a BlackBerry. I have used several of them, including the Storm. I always think it will be greener on the other side of the hill, and it isn't. Tried Android. Didn't work for me. Tried Windows Mobile. Didn't work for me. Tried the iPhone 4. Didn't work for me. Tried the 9700 Bold, and lo and behold, it works for me. Never should have left.
    01-21-11 08:58 AM