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    Hi All,

    I'm new here and please excuse if this has been answered before. I just need a quick answer

    In a nutshell I'm looking for a device (Curve?) that has GPS, Wifi, Phone, SMS and Java. I'm with a startup software venture and part of the solution is custom Java software running on the device that acquires the XY(and sometimesZ) coordinates and then picks the most readily available (least expensive) outgoing source (SMS, Wifi, email, EDGE) to deliver heartbeat messages. The message will possibly be sent in periods of 10 to 90 seconds.

    I'm not a blackberry user and wanted to know which service and device is the best for this. I'm located in Toronto Canada and in need of a GPRS service so that discounts any Bell Canada network or similar.

    My questions are:

    I think the latest curve is the only device that gives me this functionality - yes/no?

    If I go with Rogers service I'm not interested in their ridiculous $25/1Meg service but rather their WAP $5/5Meg and $10/10Meg service (any others?) along with Wifi access to further reduce costs. If I choose the minimum phone package without a data package (only WAP), can I still get GPS coordinates from the unit (I assume so) and is there there any effective client initiated polling techniques that will emulate server push email? I'm assuming that all this can be written in Java embedded apps.

    Im also wondering if there are any RFID receiver/transceiver cards or peripherals that can be connected to the unit. Anything built in?

    Are there any developers out there who have any experience in these technologies?

    I'm sorry if this goes beyond the scope of this discussion forums.

    Thanks in advance.
    10-29-07 08:21 PM
  2. Motojourneys's Avatar
    The Curve doesn't have GPS (at least mine doesn't). I just received mine this a.m., but I think the Bluetooth modules should work (don't know if you wanted integrated or not).
    Can't help with Canadian providers, sorry.

    Good luck with your venture
    10-29-07 08:59 PM
  3. dbltap's Avatar
    Hi All,
    I think the latest curve is the only device that gives me this functionality - yes/no?
    No. There is no Curve that has both GPS & WiFi. As of today, the 8820 is the only device that has both Wifi & GPS internally. You could use an 8320 Curve and a BlueTooth GPS receiver. But that would require an extra device.

    Secondly, without a BlackBerry data plan, you will not receive the Blackberry service books. A number of Blackberry applications are customized by the carrier and are delivered to the phone by the service books. The Blackberry browser is a good example. Very few Blackberry 3rd party applications have been written to take advantage of the WiFi. All of the Blackberry provided apps do. If you don't get those apps until you get the service books from the carrier, you are a pretty limited on what you can use WiFi for.
    10-30-07 07:20 AM