1. MiniBB's Avatar
    I love my 8703e, as does my almost sister/bestfriend/co-worker.
    The new 8830 is beign released soon by Alltel.
    Do we change to the 8830 just because its the new, cool BlackBerry? Or do we stay with the 8703e which is a great BlackBerry?

    A couple of things to keep in mind . . . .

    expense, we would have to get 2 new BB's and our old ones are only 3 months old. My friend and I have to have the same BB. (it's a girl thing)

    keyboard, I have read where the keyboard on the 8830 isn't quite as great as it is on the 8703e.

    glitches, it seems that the 8830 has more glitches then the 8703e. Is it worth the problems?

    What should we do? Any advice would be appreciated.
    08-14-07 12:45 AM
  2. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    That's a TOUGH one.

    If I had an 8703e and the upgrade option was to a Curve, then the decision would be easy - go to the Curve.

    But upgrading from 8703e to the 8830 is more difficult. 8700s in my opinion are rock solid and even though I'm now a trackball man I still have fond memories/dreams of using the trackwheel. And I also can't stand the keyboard. And there definitely are more glitches! You're soo right on all accounts.

    Plus the look of the 8700 is still pure blackberry (my mom could pick one out in a crowd and say "look, it's a blackberry!". With the 8800 and 8300s, the look from a quick glance is a bit less "berry" to the untrained eye.

    Hmm...but the 8800 is newer...can take a microsd card....nice display...it's tough.

    Any idea what the next Alltel berry release will be?? Maybe it's best to keep the 8703e and hold off until they release their next new berry. It has been only 3 months! You could hold off a bit longer?

    Not sure if that actually counts as advice, but hopefully one more opinion helps a bit
    08-14-07 01:22 AM
  3. Giavanna's Avatar

    Seeing that you only have had the 8703e for 3 months, I would wait until 2008 and see if the 9 series launches. There is one 9 series model that claims to be the ultimate BB on the market..........only time will tell. Seeing that there has been a lot of chatter about this new BB, I would hold off. I've had mine since February and even though I am dying to try something new, I am waiting. There seems to be so many issues with other BB's. The keypad, the trackball, the this and the that etc....

    For me stability is key........reliability is crucial, and having a full qwerty is mandatory. Yes I must admit I love new gadgets, new toys, new BB's but in the end I want a device that has just about everything. So far, I haven't heard of anything and if anything does, you hear the keypad has issues, and a list of other problems........ Hope this was a trifle helpful.

    08-14-07 04:48 PM
  4. mscooley's Avatar
    Wow. I've had my 8703e for six or seven months now, and it is truly an additional limb. I can vouch for RIM when they say it is by far their most reliable device. I'd say keep it!
    08-14-07 07:11 PM
  5. MiniBB's Avatar
    I think we are going to keep the 8703e's. It is a great device, great keyboard, no glitches. Think I just got sucked into the "gotta get" mentality.

    Kevin - you are right, if the Curve was an option it would be a no-brainer.
    08-14-07 07:40 PM
  6. Click's Avatar
    I have the 8703e with Alltel(I work for them) and we pushed it back. Why I don't know the answer to that but I'm sure it have to do with software issues. The 1 main and 2 small reason to switch in my opinion is 1. SD card(main reason) 2. Trackball, would be kinda nice to have the old thumb switch up postion 3. OS 4.2, which here real SOON we will have the 4.2 for the 8703e. So I say stick with the 8703.

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    08-17-07 01:53 PM
  7. Click's Avatar
    OK, I went to the mall today and stopped by the Verizon kiosk to play with the 8830 and HOLY SMOKES! I thought the keypad would be an issue, NOT the case! I think I will be able to make the keypad work very well. I heard there may be a trackball issue on not working properly. I played with it I know for 20 minuets. Playing brick break, wow is it MUCH easier to play with the ball! I say spend the money and get the 8830!
    On other note I went to the ATT kiosk to play with the Curve well I guess they don't have Curves at the Mall only in the stores, kinda silly if you ask me! So I went to the next best the Pearl. I would own the Pearl, Kinda small but has a camera. I know you are asking well how does this have anything to do with keeping the 8703e or switch to the 8830. Well I'll tell you, yes we(Alltel) are getting the 8830 but before Christmas we will have the Pearl. I think I am going to be waiting for this lil' beaut! I LOVE my QWERTY but I think I could sub it for a camera AND Micro SD card! Just talking about this is fueling the fire of my addiction!
    Hope this can help MiniBB!
    08-19-07 08:12 PM
  8. Pete_cb's Avatar
    cleach360, any idea on the release date of 4.2 for the 8703e? I've only had mine about 5 months and upgrading to 4.2 would allow me to hold onto it a while longer before getting a new device. Thanks!
    08-24-07 10:37 AM
  9. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Cleach360 doesn't work for Alltel anymore, but hopefully he can use a contact to get us the information...
    08-24-07 11:00 AM