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    okay, so i just noticed that my contacts on my bb are all gone except for one(activation) they are just not there. i tried to sync it and DM wanted to delete my outlook bc of my settings. so i went into the SS and changed them to outlook as master and bb as slave.

    now it will not sync the address book at all, just skips it and syncs the calendar

    i have done a BP and am doing another one now. my outlook addy book is as it should be. Edit: a second BP did nothing, and checking the databases showed nothing in the address book

    anyone know whats up? i dont have anything in my phone anymore.

    i have not restored a back up and dont really want to because the latest one is at home and i dont know what i have changed since i last backed it up at work.

    HELP!!! (pretty Please!)

    p.s: all my calls before the disappearing act show as names. not as numbers
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    Try going into DM and click the Synchronize tab. Next go to synchronization under configure and press the reset configuration button. Now setup your synchronization settings but this time set it so that you only sync from outlook to your device. Attempt to do a sync and see what happens.

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    04-13-09 02:30 PM
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    did that... then it wouldn't sync at all. just skipped the AB and went to the calendar
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    Are your service books good? I would resend as a first step to make sure the BB has a valid config. If that doesn't work I think you have to restore the backup when you get home then resync again to update the most recent changes since you made the backup.
    04-13-09 05:10 PM
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    What about from that recent back up that you're not sure what's changed since then if you just restore your contacts? At least you might be able to recover all of what you had for contacts up to that point.
    04-13-09 07:46 PM
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    i ended up restoring.. i couldnt be without my contacts. but in any case, i am not sure that u can just restore the contacts.
    04-13-09 07:47 PM
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    You can or at least on my phone, yours would probably be the same.

    I lost all my contacts in upgrading the OS to .204, I couldn't believe it but in DM I was able to load my last back up pre upgrade and re-load just my contacts, it worked good and they were all there etc...
    04-13-09 07:51 PM
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    Backup/Restore > Advanced Restore > Address Book All > from backup to device. you can restore just select databases. Its also possible your address book was hidden by using filters and that the contacts were just there.
    04-13-09 07:54 PM